Thursday, February 18

Random Tips & Tricks [Part 1]

  001.drink a glass of water every hour it will make you feel full
002.pick one food for the day like an apple. cut it into 8 slices. eat 2 slices at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner, and you'll have 2 left for a snack! this way your body thinks it's eating 4 times that day, but in reality you've only had 1 apple. the next day pick another food. make sure it's only 1 serving that you split up into 3 or more throughout the day one meal a day, this will help binge cravings
004.if you live on your own or have a lot of privacy, tape/tack up pictures of your favorite models and always carry one around with you, when you're hungry pull out the picture. if you live on your own tape them up on the fridge, freezer, and cupboards (just remember to take them down or cover them when people come over)
005.always wear perfectly applied sticky lipgloss it keeps you very aware of what goes in your mouth, and makes you think twice about eating anything, because you will have to carefully re-apply
006.'pro plus' are caffeine tablets which you can just buy from most shops, no need for calorie infested coffee, they are also easy to take if and when you do eat anything
007.if you're a smoker and you're hungry, light up a cigarette it curbs your appetite and you no longer feel hungry the morning, cut up an apple into eight pieces. eat two for breakfast, two for lunch, two for supper and two a few hours before you sleep, make sure to drink water with it so you can feel a little more full
009.make up places to go. say you're going to a friends house for dinner, or going out to a restaurant, and then just go somewhere where you can't eat
010.if you are really craving food, brush your teeth with a strong mint toothpaste, this helps to put me off food because of the taste it leaves behind
011.when you are hungry do something gross like dig for worms clean a kitty litter box or something it will make you just not hungry between each mouthful of food that you eat, take a sip of water, it fills you up and slows down your eating so that you stay in control
013.dexatrim - take 3 a day 1/2 hour before you eat and drink water and you'll be full after just a few bites
014.when drinking water.. drink ICE COLD water... your body has to burn calories to keep your body tempature up
015.GUM! get the sugar free kind and chew baby chew
016.try to eat in the same place every day. Somewhere solitary. not in front of the TV or computer. If you have to stop what your doing to go eat you might not even bother what you crave. NO REALLY! but eat it before you crave it in moderation instead of a whole chocolate care get one of the small ones and only eat 1/2 of it. allow yourself to enjoy it. deprivation leads to bingeing
018.Sleep at least 6 hours a night. Less than 6 hours sleep a night stimulates appetite by 15%
019.Lower the temperature in your house 10 degrees to burn more calories, or take a icy cold shower/bath. Like drinking the ice water, it is cause your body burns calories warming you back up
020.Always eat teaspoon size amounts of food at any one time and chew well. You will become fuller with less food so wont want to finish what's on your plate
021.if your really hungry, buy a bag of low fat low cal hard candies. when you suck on them a lot your stomach will tell you that you are full
022.Try drinking more hot beverages, especially in fall and in winter. Hot liquids expand the intestinal tract and make you feel full. A warm drink can help take the edge off your hunger, preventing overindulging later. In fact, soup can do the same
023.Focus especially on the first three bites. After that, the excitement of eating will begin to slowly subside, and you'll probably be content with a smaller portion
024.spicy foods raise your metabolism and burn slightly more calories than foods
025.if you feel like you want to eat, go to a friends house that you cannot just raid the fridge at
026.when you go out take only a few bucks with you so when you walk past the pastry shops you can't afford anything
027.Before you dig into that carton of ice cream, bag of chips, etc., take a deep breath and count to 100. Usually, by the time you stop counting you will have convinced yourself that you don't really need it
028.Write a note to yourself listing all the reasons you are finally ready to lose weight. Keep this letter with you at all times, for inspiration
029.Drink ice water. The body burns up to 40 negative calories just by turning up its metabolism in order to warm the water
030.Check your head. Never eat anything bigger than your head, even lettuce. You'll only stretch your stomach out. Train your tummy to settle for less
031.You'll eat less on a black or navy blue plate
032.Eat your sweets at breakfast
033.If you love a certain food, save the wrappers even after you've eaten it. Smell it when you're hungry
034.Don't Swallow! take a bite, chew, and spit it out
035.Track your triggers
036.A little envy is a good thing. Competition is a great mobilizer
037.Sit up straight. You'll burn at least ten percent more calories sitting upright than reclining
038.use kelp pills, it help boost metabolism
039.Never eat anything bigger that you fist
040.get your tongue pierced, therefore you can't eat
041.drink 2tbsp of vinegar before the meal, so it well help suck out the fat out of it
042.if you're being watched, try the opaque cup trick; pretend you're eating, and spit the food in the cup while you pretend to be drinking - don't forget to get rid of what's in the cup
043.go to the kitchen often, and pretend your snacking, take a bite out of something and take a long time, look in the fridge, ETC! they will think you're always in the kitchen eating, and won't suspect anything.. trust me if you never go in the kitchen, your family *will* notice
044.go Vegan or vegetarian or just cut out red meat...meat and meat product's have a lot of fat in them
045.have a peppermint, peppermints decrease hunger
046.When you got hunger pains curl up in a ball. It really helps them go a way
047.Drink tea... when ever u get hungry and drink as much as u want its a safe food
048.hit your stomach when it grumbles because that will make the sound go away and your stomach will hurt too much to eat pop is only 1 cal a can so drink baby drink
050.metabolife really curbs your hunger and cravings; as well as gives you energy when you're restricting
051.use laxatives tea is not only an anti-oxidant, you can burn up to 110 extra cal a day by drinking several cups
053.persuade yourself that you don't like a food, take your favorite food and when you look at it and think yum, think yuck instead
054.Low calorie hot chocolate is great for suppressing those chocolate cravings and it makes you feel full to
055.always leave at least 3 hours between eating anything and going to sleep. If you eat before sleeping it can help you to put on weight, the 3 hours gives your body enough time to burn calories which you wouldn't burn if you went to sleep


  1. There are healthier ways to lose weight, I promise. Anorexia can severely damage your body and inhibit many processes that need to take place to keep your body running smoothly. Let yourself come to terms with your body size. When you stand in the mirror tell yourself all of the good things you see, not the bad. It helps, I promise because I know. If you absolutely feel the need to change your weight, do it by exercising and eating healthy. The results are what you want and they are good for you. These "tips and tricks" cause more harm than they do good, so they are NOT helpful.

  2. can you please make a plan that helps going anorexic?

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  7. Why would you want to be anorexic? That is dangerous and life threatening. You may think you have it in control but Ana will creep up on you.. starting with little voices telling you that the food yiure eating will make you fat.. soon enough your 500 calories a day will be too much.

    Why does looking like a skeleton so appealing? You will die, be in so much pain, your hair will fall out, you will be crippled, you will be walking like a 90 year old. That is not beautiful.

    Please pull yourself together! There's nothing wrong with losing a few pounds to be healthy if you're overweight but trying to lose weight when you're already stick thin is a disease, a mental illness. Please see your doctor.. tell someone so you can be helped.

  8. I have everything down pace except the exercising part and I get dizzy and light headed when I haven't eaten

  9. I needed these tips and encouragement right now. I have so far dropped 8 pounds and that is only a fifth of what I need to.