Sunday, February 14

Pep Talks

Before a Binge - Pep talk

Ok, so you feel hungry. You knows theres food in the kitchen, and wait, is it calling to you? Saying eat me?


Its all in your head. You don't need to go into the kitchen. You don't even need to get up. Carry on with what you are doing. Don't waste time with food. Food is a hindrance to your progress and we know Ana is always watching. Are you seriously going to eat in FRONT of her. Lets not be rude.

"But i could just have one bite!"

But could you? Could you really have just one little bite? Maybe not. One bite may lead to a full on binge so it safer not to have anything at all. Think about it.

I know you can do this, Ana knows you can do this and you knew you could do this before you started thinking about food. So stop dreaming of cookies, focus yourself and remember why your hungry in the first place. You want this, you need this so don't wreck it now.

You've done so well!!

Don't so anything today you'll regret tomorrow.

Before a binge - top tips

My top tips for avoiding the unthinkable. God

1. Get away from there! Leave the house with no money and walk around, chase butterflies, take the dog until the need to binge has gone.

2. Have a special folder in your pictures that you add to whenever you feel like binging. It'll always be there then to thinspire you.

3. Chew sugar free gum or tic tacs. Because your eating then aren't you? Just no calories. Everybody wins!

4. If your by your self start yelling at your self. Tell your self you don't need this. Scream if it helps. Just get the binge feelings out of your system. I find this very effective.

5. Spray perfume on the food you're dying to eat. You won't (and shouldn't cause you'll get really sick) eat it then.

After a Binge - Pep talk

So you've done it. You've ruined a perfectly good day and eaten a load of food.

Well what are you sitting here for?!!?? I expect you only to sit here long enough to read what i have to say then i want your trainers on, or your fingers down your throat (which ever you prefer) and get burn it away or get it up and out again. All mistakes can be fixed.

Of course, i recommend you exercise it away. Much nicer and less er, extreme.

Get a pen and paper and calculate how many calories you've consumed. Got it? Now get on your exercise equipment etc and don't stop till you've reached that number. And when your done you have nothing to worry about. Its like the binge never happened right? You may have been weak but you have shown your self worthy once more by not breaking down and sobbing but by thinking cleearly and making up for your mistake. Ana would be proud.

Now don't do it again!!

Yet another pep talk

Food. An interesting subject. It hard, soft, squashy, gloopy, stringy, powdery....and apparently we have to eat it. I mean you COULD do what everyone says and eat your three square meal a day and be an average weight, an average person, working an average job, being plain aver-BORING!

We Ana's don't do average.

We do extreme, we do fun, we do excitment. We make colours brighter, sounds sharper and life a whole lot more interesting. We discover new things and push out the boundries of our body as far as they can go. We test ouselves and see just how high we can climb.

We ignore the social 'norm' of eating. We aren't like that. We don't need food. I haven't eaten for days and do you see me dropping down. No. We stand tall over the rest. We are the great secret that every man and woman longs to know but may never find out. We hold that secret. The key to ultimate power and success.

Like i said, we don't do average.

Wanna join us?


  1. thankyou! i needed that i was jst about to openmy cuboard fool of chips?!!

  2. thank you sooo much i was gonna drink soda w/ a sandwich.....what a sin!

  3. amazing!Helped alot!

  4. Thanks sooooo much! I almost had a full on binge until this

  5. I messed up big time. I ate. I feel so stupid. Why am I so weak! Ughh. And I can't throw it up either. It won't come up like I've done in the past. I'm suck a weak stupid person.

  6. Can I join? I need to lose weight

  7. Really need to lose weight, gotten so fat.this helped a lot thanks

  8. What a load of bullshit

  9. I'm on my 5th day of fasting...this helped me so much...I don't need food...I'm stronger than food

  10. need to loose alot of weight

  11. I don't feel like eating anymore. Thanks, that really helped. I'm going to read these every time I get hungry now.

  12. When somebody gives me the visual of food even motivation and water won't stop the thoughts. I have to shut myself in a room and have nobody even mention food.... this was great until you mentioned cookies and then the hunger came in Arggggg

  13. Thank you so much, this helped alot! Also made me feel like i'm not alone in this :)

  14. Thanks so much!! This is amazing!

  15. keep eating keep getting fat i can't control myself i wanna die im a failure !!! need someone to help

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