Saturday, February 13

Lets start from the start..

I have had an ED for at least 6 years now, it all started when my mum called me overweight when I was 8 and I started dieting to try and lose weight. Also I suppose the fact that my mums bulimic doesn’t help. From then on I hated my body. Although I didn’t officially get diagnosed by a doctor till 23/12/09 I knew from around 13 that I something was wrong about me. It was around then I found the Pro-ana sites. I quickly fell into an obsession with them because I did fit in there and it was like there where people like me. My first forum I joined properly was AMR which shut down a few months ago and also a few months later I joined PA on LJ. Currently my fave Pro-Ana sites are Pretty Thin and also Perfection in process [my forum] which is my ED forum. I also use to have a website but I stopped doing that because it bored me. I have a few rules about food which are:

• No eating after 6PM till 12 PM unless it’s a Sunday in which you are allowed to eat till 7PM.

• 3000 Calories a week from Monday- Saturday and then on Sunday anything from 500-800 Calories.

• If I binge, don’t purge just fast the next day.

• If I binge no more than 2000 calories, and if I do go over that I have to cut (yes I do I have slightly screwed up brain)

• Take a vitamin tablet and Cod liver oil tablet everyday because it helps cravings

I stick to the rules like its law.

My school thinks I’m a screw up because I take drugs, smoke and turn up to lessons high but in reality I’m just a lost little girl who doesn’t know what to do. I have self harmed since I was 12 and the first time I ever self harmed it was by hitting my fists against the walls continually. The fist time I cut I used a piece of glass when I was 13.

I Have made this site so people with ED’s can read and be comforted that there at other people out there who are going through the same thing as them.

TT & SS lovely people :)


  1. one of ana's boyz22 August 2011 at 08:12

    Thanks for setting up this site!

    I hope to get some good inspiration from you and the other people here.

    1. Yes! Finally a guy Ana! Same here!

  2. I wish I was PERFECT
    this site helps me get there
    Thank you so much for sharing this w/ us!!!
    LOVE the model thinspos

  3. Omg i am literally reading all the stupid crap you have on here and literally laughing at your pathetic life and stupidity-Your doctor is obviously a moron-you don't sound like you actually even have a real eating disorder-what the actual fuck? people don't just get diagnosed with serious life ruining eating disorders and then build websites to show others how to kill themselves to be skinny-if you knew a goddamm thing about eating disorders, you would know for a fact that its not all about being skinny or looking like a model or fitting into size 0 jeans-you actually just sound like you were misdiagnosed with something that you actually know nothing about-of course your a dumb naive 15 year old girl, probably sad about the fact that your fat-and telling people you have an eating disoder so they feel sorry for you and look up to your pretend illness-and i won't hold your stupidity against you considering your age-your too young to realize what the hell your even doing-when a person is diagnosed with something as serious as anorexia they do not think it is cute, they do not brag about it, offer tips about it-in fact, people that truly have anorexia will keep it secret and in many cases deny that they have a problem-your waving your supposed illness in people's faces like its the latest diet craze, so i'm not going to indulge your stupid fantasy of what you think an eating disorder is-its hell, and the very fact that you have a pro-ana blog yet claim to have a horrible condition like anorexia leaves me no room to believe you or have any sympathy for you-an eating disorder isn't a diet, moron-